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I am Hans Swart, born 1941 in Bussum, the Netherlands. After school I did start working (1959) in a chemical factory and was more educated for analytical chemist, later as expert for flavour- and fragrance- raw materials. I did work in Naarden (Netherlands) and Hamburg (Germany). Have been married and have one daughter. She always lived in Germany. I am retired since 2001. Since 2006 I have a grandson and 2012 an other grandson.


After 1995 I took over the research of father and grandfather of our familytree, this Genealogy is mainly based on some original documents the family possess. And of cause the research in many Dutch archives, nowadays Internet is very helpfull. Also notes from Granny and Greatgrandma original. The oldest photo of ansestors,we have might be from the marriage of my great-great grandfather and his second wife.

 The background of this page is an image of page 1 of the Genealogy of Govert Feuilletau de Bruijn (1785 - 1872) that was adressed to his son.

I like classical music,  birdwatching, which I did first when I was a kid: Now the Netherlands has some nice reservates all over the country (wetlands). Here in Germany I spot them near the river Elbe. Since 1989 a group of voluntiers start to restore a steamfessel, nowadays we have some more steamengines, for the time being running on air. 


born in Bussum (the Netherlands). Lived between 1968 and 1986 in Hamburg, after 1986 until 2007 in Almere (the Netherlands) Now near Hamburg again.

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